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Marmaris Ephesus & Pamukkale 2-Day Trip

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Marmaris Ephesus & Pamukkale 2-Day Trip  /  

Departing from Marmaris

Enjoy a two-day excursion full of sight-seeing.You visit Ephesus, you stay in a local hotel and the next day you will visit Pamukkale.These two places are very famous and are definitely worth a visit.


The first day you will be picked up at your hotel aroud 06.30. 

After an one hour drive you will stop in Muğla for breakfast.

After breakfast you will continue your way to Ephesus. 

Ephesus is an ancient city founded about 3500 years ago by Androklos, an Athenian king.

Because many different folks have lived and stayed in this city, there is much to see.

It is the most popular and most visit place in Turkey after Istanbul.

Ephesus has many well-preserved ruins and has a lot of antique value.

The streets are made of marble.

Everywhere you look, you see beautiful buildings, fountains and mosaic.


Arriving in Ephesus, you will visit the Temple of Artemis.

This temple is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. 

The temple dates back to 8000 year BC. 

It was once build to honor goddness Artemis (Diana).

The Temple has been destroyed and rebuilt three times.

You will also visit the Library of Celsus.

More than 120.000 parchment rolls are located in this library.

There are also 4 statues near the opening of the library.

The first one is Sofia, what stands for Wisdom. 

The second one is Areta, what stands for Virtue.

Ennoia stands for reason and Episeme stands for Knowlegde.


You can also visit the theater in Ephesus.

This theather had room voor more than 24.000 visitors. 

Gladiator battles often took place here in the Roman Time.

The theater is still being used today.


New excavations and new things are still being done. 

There are still many question marks about this city. 

There is still too much to discover. 


After all the sights have been seen, it is time to leave.

You will drive towards Pamukkale.

Arrived in Pamukkale, you will go to the hotel to enjoy your dinner.

During dinner you will be entertained with a belly dance show.

The next day you will have breakfast in the hotel.

After breakfast you will drive to Pamukkale.

When you arrive at Pamukkale, you will get a lunch before you enter the ‘Cotton Castle’.


Pamukkale is a natural phenomenon.

And therefore definitely worth a visit.

Due the warm limestone water that flows down the slopes, a special effect has been created on the rocks.


Pamukkale originated around 2 million years ago because two earth crusts collided.

This created new mountains.

Due the earthquakes as a result of the collision, the rainwater landed on a layer of limestone.

The heat evaporated the lime, when it became cooler the carbon dioxide disappers and the white sediment remains. 

And this created Pamukkale.

Since the Roman Time people were convinced that the calcareous spring water was good for the skin and muscles. 

That is why Pamukkale was very popular by the Roman people.


After enjoying the beautiful natural wonder and immersin yourself several times in the lime water of Pamukkale, you will visit the ancient village of Hierapolis.

The Greek city of Hierapolis was found in 190 BC and was close to the 'Roman Spa' and today you can still enjoy the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo, a bathhouse and a theater.

The city was mainly under Roman influence, so the buildings were mainly built in Roman style.

With the advent of Christianity, a basilic was built where Apostle Philip is buried.

You have some time to walk through all these ruins.


You will be brought back to your hotel around 19.00.


The excursion includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, the hotel stay and the entrance tickets.

Inclusions & Exclusions


* Pick up & drop back service 

* 2 breakfast, 2 lunch & 1 dinner 

* English & russian speanking guides

* Hotel accommodation in pamukkale  

* Full insurance


* Drinks

* Tips and  gratuities

* Cleopatra's swimming pool

* Personal expenditures

* Entery fees to ephesus & pamukkale 

Additional Services

Departure & Return

     * pick up from your hotel at:  06:30

     * drop back to your hotel at:  18:30 (next day)

What To Bring

swim suits, towel, sun cream


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