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Marmaris Turtle Beach (Dalyan,Mud Bath)

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Marmaris Turtle Beach (Dalyan,Mud Bath)  /  

Departing from Marmaris

Dalyan is a fishing village.At the estuary you will find the Iztuzu beach.The beach is the breeding ground for the Caretta-Caretta turtle.That is why it is called turtle beach.tle beach


At 08.30 you will be picked up from your hotel.

You will be dropped off at the marina of Marmaris.

Here you board the boat and at 09.30 you will sail to Dalyan.

The boat trip to Dalyan takes about 2 hours, including an half hour swimming break at the dolphin island.

Around 11.30 you will arrive at the Turtle Island.

Lunch is served here.

After lunch you transfer to a small boat so that you can take a boat trip on the Dalyan river.


The Dalyan river has a romantic legend.

Kaunos was the son of the king of Cania and Byblis was his twin sister.

Byblis fell in love with her borther and declared him her love.

He did not answer this but fled to the village.

At this time, the village had no name yet.

Byblis followed him and tried to convince him.

When this failed, she created the Dalyan river with her tears.

The village was then named after Kaunos.

And later it was changed to Dalyan.


During the boat trip on this river you will pass the king tombs of Kaunos.

These tombs are built in a lyrical style and date from the 10th century BC.

In 1500 AD the city changed.

The tombs were built for the kings and other powerful people.

Not only the bodies were buried in the tombs.

There were also chambers full of food, money, jewelry and other precious treasures.


The next stop is the mud bath of Dalyan.

The mud baths are located at Lake Köyçeğiz.

All mud baths and hot springs are natural.

The sulfur-containing water is good for the skin.

The mud from the mud baths is also good for the skin.

You can enjoy these baths for 1,5 hour.


After the mud baths you go to the turtle beach.

This beach is a breeding ground for the Caretta-Caretta turtles.

You can see many turtles here from May to September.

You have 2 hours to spot turtles, swim and enjoy the sun.

Then you will be brought back to the large boat to which you return to Marmaris.

You will arrive in Marmaris around 19.00.

When you arrive at the marina of Marmaris, you will be brought back to your hotel.


Inclusions & Exclusions


* Pick up & drop back service

* Lunch 

* Live entertaiment

* English speaking crew

* Full insurance

* All enterence fees


* Drinks

* Tips and gratuities

* Personal expenditures

Additional Services

Departure & Return

* pick up from your hotel at:  08:30

* drop back to your hotel at:  18:00

What To Bring

swim suits, towel, sun cream 


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